newlyweds-main-454x278Tips for Newlyweds
You might think after the big day you will be free of to do lists and be done with juggling a bunch of wedding-related tasks… but, trust me, this is not the case. Welcome to the world of the newlywed… and your new to do list!
Here is your Newlywed Checklist:
Send announcements (Check!)
Write and send thank you notes (Check!)
Clean and store my dress (Check!)
Create and order wedding photo album
Pack up wedding stuff strewn about my apartment

newlywed1-450x275No one likes to clean house, but someone has got to do it. If you don’t, you and your spouse could wind up in divorce court or worse on one of those get-organized-or-else reality TV shows like Clean House or Clean Sweep. Getting started on the right foot — from the first days after your wedding  could save you from either of those tragedies. Here’s a to-do list to tackle immediately that could help you both:

Put away wedding keepsakes

Although looking at your wedding dress everyday may make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you should not keep it hanging in your closet. Get your dress properly preserved and put it in the attic or storage. While you’re at it, put those wedding photos friends gave you in books or on CDs. Throw away your bouquet unless you’re having it preserved or drying out the flowers. In other words, do not let the wedding mementoes take over your living space. If you must have constant reminders of the big day around you, limit them to a few really special ones. Put your favorite photos in frames and display them on your mantle or put the cake topper in the china cabinet. If they are truly special, you would not want to just have them lying around.

Unpack right after the honeymoon

Many couples are so exhausted — or on such a high — after the wedding and honeymoon that they put off unpacking their luggage and leave it in a corner somewhere half packed. This creates visual clutter and usually a literal mess. Open those bags, unpack them right away, and take care of any laundry that is left over from the trip. If both of you do it together, it will take half the time. You might just need the items in there, and this way you won’t fight about whose job it should be to get the bags undone and put away.

Update Your Insurance

Does your current homeowner’s policy have enough coverage for all those aforementioned gifts? Is your new spouse the beneficiary on your life insurance policy? (Do you even have a life insurance policy?) Have you asked your agent to add your wedding rings and bridal jewelry to your policy? Many insurance companies require separate riders to cover your valuable articles, like fine bridal jewelry or original artwork. It may also be worthwhile to transfer all of your policies to one insurance company, if you and your new spouse previously had them in different places, because you can take advantage of large multi-policy discounts that are often available.

Establish a Date Night

Once the wedding is past, it can be so easy to slip into a routine. Don’t let the romance in your relationship die! Make a plan to have a set date night with your new spouse on a regular basis. Most couples will either do it once a week or once a month. A few hours spent together watching a movie or sharing a nice dinner is a great way to maintain the connection that brought you together in the first place.

With these tips in mind, you will be on your way towards being a happy and organized new husband or wife.