anniversary-mainAnniversary Ideas
In the day to day stress of everyday life it is important to remember the important dates that make us a couple. We put together your guide to keep that romance in your life.

anniversary01-285x285A Card A Day

Send a different romantic anniversary card, one per day for the number of years that you have been married, with the last card being delivered on your actual anniversary. Add romantic sentiments, love
notes or even a love coupon inside each of the cards. For example, if celebrating your 5th anniversary,
send four romantic anniversary cards on each of the four days prior to your anniversary and one final anniversary card on the day of your wedding anniversary. You can include thoughts of love, romantic memories from the previous year, or your hopes and dreams for your relationship in the upcoming year.

anniversary04Flower Power

Send a floral bouquet to your wife each day leading up to your wedding anniversary for each day that you’ve been married. If you’ve been married for five years, send a small bouquet, complete with romantic love note, for each of the four days leading up to your wedding anniversary and then a large bouquet of her favorite flowers (or even a replica of her wedding bouquet) on your anniversary!

anniversary07-364x271Recreate your First Date

Recreate your first date, from the moment you asked her out to the nervous kiss on the front step. If possible visit the same locations, but since that’s not always possible, plan it out as close as possible. If you went to dinner, go to the same type of restaurant. If you went to a movie, see one in the same genre. While you can get the actions and activities close, remember that the main idea is to recreate that feeling of “new love” that you shared at the beginning of your relationship.

Head back to the place where it all began by visiting the place where you got married. Reminisce about the day, walk down the aisle together again, reenact your first kiss as husband and wife. If planned ahead, you could even renew your vows there!