Posted on June 21, 2016 by guest blogger Wonderland Bridal CoutureProvoke Photography LLC /

Advice from friends and family about finding the right wedding gown is plentiful. The one thing most of them will agree on, is that you will know when you have found your dream dress. No one really tells you how to avoid choosing the wrong one. Here are a few ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Don’t buy a dress because it’s cheap…We can’t tell you how many times we have had brides come in here to choose another gown after they caught a case of buyers remorse. A bride will see a pretty sample gown on sale that she likes but maybe something can be added or removed to make her love it. So she buys it with the idea that anything is possible with alterations. What isn’t taken into consideration, is how much it will cost to get it perfect. It could cost more than a new dress in the long run. If you have a budget, there are ways to stick to it without settling for something you don’t love.85d33f1a72363fdd681c953e562220ad


Know your body type…Your Pinterest Board is filled with pics of a particular style of gorgeous dresses that you can’t wait to try on, but when you do it is nothing like you imagined. This doesn’t mean you can’t get an amazing look for your wedding. If you have a straight body type, consider wearing a ball gown or A-line dress to give you shape. Have you always imagined yourself in something more fitted, try on a dress with a lace-up back. This will draw your waist in tighter. Not sure about what looks good on you? Be vocal. Tell your consultant what you want and let her find something special for you.

If you love your dress, don’t let others sway you…When you love a gown and people are trying to talk you out of it, listen to what they are saying. Are their comments constructive? Is Mom trying to convince her angel to wear a ball gown and you want something more fitted? Is a pushy bridal consultant trying to increase her commission by trying to hustle you into a pricier dress? You need to love your gown. You are the one who will be looking at the photos for years to come. There should be no regrets.


Don’t settle because you think you have run out of time…Wedding gowns typically take between 4 and 6 months to be made from scratch and shipped. If you are keeping your engagement short, don’t wait to go shopping. Start looking and weigh your options. There are dresses that could be in stock at the designer’s warehouse just waiting to be shipped or there may be rush shipment options you didn’t know existed. You may also find something off the rack that fit all of your requirements and fits well.

What ever you do, don’t settle. On your wedding day all eyes will be on you. When you love your gown, you feel confident. When you feel confident, you are the most beautiful!