Wine Cocktails

wine-cocktails-mainFirst and foremost, don’t fall victim to advice that takes you into a wine that you know you won’t like. If you absolutely know you don’t like dark red wine, don’t buy it. Don’t drink it. Instead, figure out what you enjoy in a wine. Select wine based on the “weight” and texture of your meal. The basic rule when choosing a wine with these criteria is this: the heavier the meal, the bigger your wine needs to be to stand up to the food. So red meats and foods with
heavy sauces generally need big red wines such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot or syrah. Big reds and buttery California chardonnays also go well with sauces and pastas that are heavily-buttered or creamy. Lighter meals take lighter and more subtle flavors of wines. Thus, chicken or turkey will often be paired with white wines such as riesling or gewurtztraminer. But should you wish to eat red with a lighter meal, think about choosing a pinot noir or an Italian red like a chianti.

wine-cocktail01July Sparklers

Treat your guests to an unexpected twist on the for the Forth of July. Your holiday is sure to sparkle.


2 oz [yellow tail] Sparkling Rose, 2 oz Elderflower
Liqueur, 1 oz Cranberry Juice, Orange Bitters,
Sugar Cube.

Directions: Garnish with a Rock Candy Stir Stick or Strawberry Heart. Soak Sugar Cube in Orange Bitters and place in bottom of flute. Add Elderflower

wine-cocktail02Cucumber Fizz
The summery mix of Sauvignon Blanc are enough to make you feel refreshed on even the hottest, most humid days.


3 oz Fume Blanc / Sauvignon Blanc , 3 oz Cava, 1 oz
cucumber water, 1/2 oz lime juice, 2 teaspoons
sugar, pinch coarsely chopped mint.

Cucumber wine cocktails are refreshing and savory. Mint and lime add sour to balance the drink. This drink is not for everyone because it’s not sweet. However, if you’re reading this your mouth is already watering.

wine-cocktail03Strawberry Muscato
Mix up a fresh, berry-inspired concoction for your guests, with a sprig of a fresh herb or an edible flower as a garnish.


3 oz. Moscato, , 4 Strawberries, 1 teaspoon of
sugar, 1 sprig basil, 1 oz. lemon juice.


Blend all ingredients, except wine, together. Strain into tall glass with ice. Pour over moscato. Add bendy straw.

wine-cocktail04Guaca Mary
This  amazing avocado recipe would make a great addition to your Easter brunch. A beautiful green guacamole cocktail. It’s sort of like a green virgin of the Bloody Mary. This one is called a Guaca Mary.


Kosher salt, 2 teaspoons grated lime rind, 1/2 cup  lime juice, 2 cups peeled, cubed cucumber, 1 fully  ripened avocado from Mexico, halved, pitted, peeled  and sliced, 1 cup raw cubed tomatillos, 1 cup halved seedless green grapes, 1/2 cup loosely
packed cilantro leaves, 1 whole seeded fresh Serrano pepper, 1 teaspoon celery salt, 6 dashes green hot sauce, 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, 1-1/3 cups unsweetened coconut water, Tequila or vodka, optional, Avocado slices, grape
tomatoes and pickled onions, optional garnish.