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DIY Rachel Ray Style

bio-rachael-ray-142x195The ladies at Rachel Ray were kind enough to share this unique centerpiece they created with us. Who would have thought that a little box of jello could turn out to be such a unique centerpiece for a wedding??? What you will need: Jell-o, Water, Vase, Flowers CoRachelRayjellocenterpiece-180x180mbine six boxes of jell-o with half of the amount of water specified.

Chill in the glass vase you have chosen for half an hour. Push flowers into the semi-firm gelatin and there you have it.  Your very own one-of-a-kind centerpiece!

Creative Seating Cards


Escort Flags: Each table was decorated with a different hand-sewn runner that matched the fabric on the escort flags, made by the bride.

Heart Escort Cards: These three-dimensional escort cards are as easy to make as they are refreshing to look at. At first glance, they appear to have been blown onto the table by a warm summer breeze.

Summer Bright: Play up a beach theme with these petite chaise lounges and parasols. Print guest names and table numbers onto decorative paper, and then cut out rectangles and curve them into lounge chairs and adorn
each seat with a bright umbrella.

Seashell Bouquet

beach-bouquet-horizDIY Beach Bouquet

Walk down the aisle with this cluster of bivalve blooms and your wedding will go swimmingly. The breathtaking posy is easier to construct than you’d think — it’s simpler than making a flower out of silk. Noble pectin singles, Caribbean Imports.

Tools and Materials
7-inch length of floral wire
Floral tape
Hot-glue gun
Hot-glue sticks

Wrap a 7-inch length of floral wire with floral tape; form one end of each into a loop or a small spiral. Use a hot-glue gun to attach the loops to the backs of the shells. Assemble the shells into a bouquet, placing the small round shell in the center and arranging the petal-like ones around it, starting with the smallest shells. Use floral tape to secure each stem as you add it, and bend the wire stems to make the shells flare away from the center.

Once finished, tie a pretty ribbon around the stems and you’ve got a beach-ready bouquet.

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